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US$747.5 M
Investment in capital expenditures.


In our Annual Report 2022 we address the actions implemented to overcome the major challenges we face.

The following abbreviations will be used throughout this report:

CO2 = carbon dioxide
g/t = grams per metric ton
GWh = gigawatt per hour
k = thousands
koz = thousand ounces
kt = thousand metric tons
KWh = kilowatts per hour
lb = pounds
Ml = million liters
Mm3 = million cubic meters
Mt = million metric tons
MW = megawatt
MXN, Ps = Mexican peso
oz = ounce
t = metric tons
tCO2e = metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent
US$ = US dollars
US¢ = US cents
US¢/lb = US cents per pound
US¢/lbe = US cents per pound equivalent
US$ M = million dollars
US$/oz = US dollars per ounce
US$/t = US dollars per metric ton