Peñoles shares have been listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) since 1968 and are part of the Price and Quotation Index (IPC).

  • Stock

Characteristics  of outstanding shares

  • Ticker symbol: PE&OLES

  • Series: Single

  • Class: One

  • Representative of the Fixed Minimum Capital

  • Nominative, with no par value

  • With full voting rights

  • Number of shares outstanding: 397'475,747

  • The shares are registered in the Securities Section of the National Register of Securities and are publicly traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange.



Subject to the Board of Directors’ decision, pursuant to the powers granted it by the Shareholders Meetings.

Usually distributed on up to 50% of the Net Earnings from the previous year.

Dividends are paid after fulfillment of the requirements provided in respective notices.

Payment date Dividend per share Currency
30-jan-12 4.04 mxn
25-may-12 16.05 mxn
13-may-13 9.3 mxn
15-nov-13 7.33 mxn
26-may-14 1.9 mxn
30-apr-15 1.51 mxn
29-apr-16 1.51 mxn
19-oct-16 0.85 mxn
31-may-17 5.44 mxn
29-nov-17 5.44 mxn
06-jun-18 6.85 mxn
06-nov-18 6.85 mxn
27-may-19 3.78 mxn
09-dec-19 3.78 mxn
16-nov-21 0.1258 usd