The metallurgical business produces high-purity refined metals from complex concentrates and other materials sourced from own and third-party mines. In this way, we generate value for end consumers across a wide variety of industries, both nationally and internationally.

Peñoles’ Met-Mex metallurgical operation is composed of two plants and a metallurgical complex, known as Aleazin, Bermejillo and Met-Mex, respectively. Met-Mex produces refined gold, silver, lead and zinc, and is one of the largest metallurgical operations in the world.


  • Torreón

    Located in Torreón, Coahuila

    • Lead-Silver Circuit

      • Lead Smelter

        Lead concentrates are processed to produce bullion.

        • Installed capacity:

          180 thousand ton/year of bullion.

        • Products 

      • Lead-Silver Refinery

        Bullion and direct materials (dorés, precipitates and other materials rich in metallic contents) enter the process

    • Zinc Circuit

      • Zinc Refinery

        Zinc concentrates are refined into several grades and presentations

  • Ramos Arizpe

    Located in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

    • Aleazin Plant

      • Refined zinc is processed into alloys

        • Alloy production capacity:

          70 thousand ton/year of alloys

        • Products

  • Bermejillo

    Located in Bermejillo, Durango

    • Bermejillo Plant

      • Materials from Met-Mex circuits and the Aleazin Plant are processed to obtain byproducts

Key Information Met-Mex

  • Torreón, Coahuila

  • 100% Peñoles

  • 1901 - to date

  • Lead Smelter, Lead-Silver Refinery and Zinc Refinery

  • Refined gold, silver, lead, zinc

  • 2,707*

*Figures to December 2023

Founded originally in 1901 by the Madero Family under the name of Compañía Metalúrgica de Torreón, S.A, the Met-Mex metallurgical complex currently operates as Metalúrgica Met-Mex Peñoles. In 1917, Compañía de Minerales y Metales, S.A. acquired an 80% stake of the Company and in 1920 merged operations with Compañía Minera de Peñoles, S.A.


Production in 2023

%Chg vs 2022

  • Gold (oz)973,651


  • Silver (koz)77,835


  • Lead (ton)119,793


  • Zinc (ton)251,754


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