Responsible Industry Statement

It is Peñoles' policy to be a group committed to high ethical standards, adhering to our guiding principles and values of Trust, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity and Loyalty (CRIL), our internal regulations and applicable laws, promoting respect for human rights and ensuring a supply chain free of ethical or legal conflicts. Therefore, we avoid third parties that do not share these same standards.

In order to comply with the statutes issued by the OECD and the United Nations, we maintain a zero-tolerance position regarding any type of money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption; we refrain from doing business with third parties who are suspected of engaging in these activities and will terminate contracts with third parties who engage in these activities.

Furthermore, we do not wish to do business with third parties associated with high-risk countries and conflict zones that are not respectful of the environment, for the protection of life, health and ecosystems in harmony with the community and for sustainable development; related to the mining industry or who benefit from, contribute to, assist or facilitate the commission of: forced labor, child labor, armed groups, human rights violations, labor discrimination, who have dealings with subversive groups, who offer unsafe working conditions, who do not respect political, religious, sexual preferences, who carry out any form of torture, cruel, inhumane treatment, war crimes or other serious violations of international humanitarian norms, among others.

We will collaborate with the authorities to contribute to the elimination of any type of fraud resulting from the extraction, trade, handling, transport or export of any mineral.

Peñoles pays taxes, fees and royalties related to the extraction, trade and export of ore in strict compliance with current legislation applicable in our areas of operation.

In compliance with the above points, Peñoles:

  • Provides its personnel with the necessary resources to ensure compliance with this policy and related procedures.
  • Carries out and follows up on its operations in compliance with the established objectives; in addition, the responsible areas keep their records updated.
  • Trains personnel involved in the supply chain to ensure effective implementation of this policy.
  • Ensures that this policy is accessible and disseminated to all stakeholders.
  • Promotes among personnel and third parties the reporting line for any indication of suspicious dealings or operations.
  • Promotes the reporting channel among staff and third parties for any indication of suspicious treatment or operation.

Peñoles’ Chief Executive Officer implements the best practices, in coordination with the Compliance Officer and the corresponding Committees.

In this regard, we ratified the registration certificate of our trademarks and shared the results of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) audits.

Rafael Rebollar, Chief Executive Officer