The inorganic chemicals business diversifies our product line and expands our markets. We extract materials from the subsoil, such as natural brine and dolomite, and use residual sulfuric acid from the Metals division to produce supplies that have a wide variety of industrial uses and applications.

The chemical division consists of two processing plants and a chemical complex, known respectively as Fertirey, Industrias Magnelec and Química del Rey. The latter is one of Mexico’s most important and the largest sodium sulfate plant outside of China. This plant also produces magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide.

Chemical Division

  • Fertirey

    Located in Torreón, Coahuila

    • Fertirey

      Processing of sulfuric acid from the Lead Smelter at the metallurgical complex.

  • Química del Rey

    Located in Ocampo, Coahuila

  • Industrias Magnelec

    Located in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

    • Industrias Magnelec

      Magnesium oxide processing from Química del Rey.

      • Installed capacity

        5 thousand ton/year of electro-fused magnesium oxide

        10 thousand ton/year of electrical grade magnesium oxide

        5 thousand ton/year of special millings

      • Producto

        • Special Millings
        • Magnesium specialties

Key Information Química del Rey

  • Ocampo, Coahuila

  • 100% Peñoles

  • 1962-to date

  • Two sodium sulfate plants, a magnesium specialty plant and one dolomite mine

  • Sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide in diverse specialties.

  • 647*

* Figures to December 2023

Production in 2023

%Chg vs 2022

  • Sodium sulfate (ton)699,316


  • Magnesium oxide (ton)59,024


  • Ammonium sulfate (ton)159,009


  • Magnesium sulfate (ton)63,845


To view historical output of Química del Rey, visit our Data Center.

Sodium Sulfate production process

  • Hydraulic mining

    In Laguna del Rey, Coahuila, we obtain virgin brine containing sodium sulfate and magnesium salts.

  • Crystallization

    The virgin brine is pumped to storage tanks, cooled and crystallized to obtain Glauber salt.

  • Filtration

    Glauber salt settles and is sent on to the washing and filtering stage.

  • Centrifuge and fusion

    Glauber salt is melted to obtain anhydrous sodium sulfate.

  • Drying and shipping

    Anhydrous sodium sulfate is allowed to settle, then it is dried and stored for subsequent shipment.