Work Culture

Our people are our greatest strength

Peñoles strives to guarantee an environment of responsibility, trust and collaboration, in which human and labor rights of all individuals are duly respected. This approach serves to promote our personnel’s professional growth, develop their potential and improve their performance.

Peñoles prioritizes the integration and permanence of trustworthy personnel, highly-qualified and committed to our organizational values. To do this end, Peñoles

  • Fosters an ethical, safe, productive and healthy workplace, in which employees are encouraged and motivated through a transparent incentives system.

  • Fortifies its zero-tolerance stance against exclusion, discrimination and harassment, as expressed in its Gender Equality and non-Discrimination Policy.

  • Conducts biannual working environment surveys and implements continuous improvement actions. Since 2018, we have been certified "A Great Place to Work" by Great Place to Work Mexico (GPTW).

  • Impels equal opportunities and fair retribution based on both the labor market and worker performance.

  • Promotes solid labor relations, respecting the freedom of affiliation and collective bargaining, while maintaining a frank, open and permanent dialogue with unions.

At the end of 2021, our workforce (including subsidiaries) was 15,723 people, broken down below. In recent years, female participation has grown, approaching the national industry average of 15.7%, according to figures released by the Mexican Mining Chamber. Furthermore, in some business units, female share is even higher, e.g., in Velardeña women's employment stands at 17.3%, in Capela at 16.7% and in Servicios Administrativos Peñoles it stands at 39.0%.

  • Gender


    Women 13%

    Men 87%

  • Labor affiliation

    Labor affiliation

    Non-unionized 33%

    Unionized  67%

  • Type of contract

    Type of contract

    Temporary 8%

    Permanent 92%

  • Age


    18-24 years 11%

    25-44 years 67%

    Older than 45 years 22%

To learn more about Peñoles’ labor and human resources strategy, visit the Strategic Plan, or our Annual Report and Sustainable Development Report.