• Prevention culture:

    protecting the integrity of our staff and business continuity

  • Safety philosophy:

    design, maintenance and operation of processes with safety in mind

  • Objective:

    zero incapacitating accidents

Peñoles implements 12 best practices addressing health and safety, 14 Elements of Process Safety Management (ASP), and evolves toward a comprehensive risk management strategy, focused on:

  • Prevention and control of occupational illness and accidents
  • Eliminating factors and conditions that endanger occupational health and safety
Safety Indicators Number of cases
Type 2021 2020
Fatalities (F) 1 7
Accidents with lost days (CTP) 481 454
Accidentes with no lost days (STP) 698 818
Lost Days 19,536 23,602
Total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) 14.64 16.65
Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) 5.97 5.91

Number of incidents, including unionized and non-unionized employees and contractors at Peñoles and Fresnillo plc.

TRIFR = Total Accidents (STP + CTP + F) * 1000000 / HHT
LTIFR = Total accidents CTP * 1000000 / HHT
HHT = Man Hours Worked

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