Our Strategy

Since 2005, Peñoles has dutifully adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, best practices and sustainable development, corporate governance and transparency initiatives. We promote respect for human and labor rights, while always striving to ensure ethical and legal rectitude in all operations throughout our supply chain. We uphold relations with third parties that, as we do, are respectful of their surroundings and promote the protection of life, health and defense of the environment.  

To fulfill our Vision, we align all processes with the Strategic Plan comprised of 10 pillars, which addresses medium- and long-term objectives, strategies, goals and activities to ensure that the Company endures, adapts and thrives over time.

Our Vision 2025

Our operations are vertically integrated. From initial exploration of the subsoil to extraction, processing and commercialization of refined metals and other value-added products, Peñoles continuously invests in exploration, expansion of production capacity and operational efficiency in order to control costs throughout the business cycle.