Raw Materials and Waste

We require several non-renewable inputs and supplies in the production processes, generating waste, such as:

Raw Materials and Waste

Impurities in the mineral ore extracted from the earth

Raw Materials and Waste

Tailings produced in the beneficiation of metallic minerals

Raw Materials and Waste

Grease from furnaces, slag and jarosite from metallurgical processes

Raw Materials and Waste

Dolomite powders, lime ash and plaster from chemical processes

We strive to reduce waste generation through

Internal valuation alternatives

External alternatives for recycling


To learn more, see our Waste Disposal Tables.

Raw Materials and Waste
When waste materials can no longer be used, we confine then safely in compliance with current regulations.

Tailings deposits

Tailings are:

Residues that are technically or economically unviable to process, confined to deposits.

Safety controls and standards

Physical inspections

Water level monitoring

Topographic controls

Geotechnical studies

Hydraulic infrastructure studies

Slope stability analysis

Peñoles and Fresnillo plc have 12 active tailings storage facilities and 34 inactive.

See our guidelines for Tailings Management System for Peñoles and Fresnillo plc.

To learn more, download our Sustainable Development Report.