Social outreach model

  • Authorities
  • Peñoles
  • Leaders
  • NGOs CSOs
  • Community
Modelo de vinculación social

Our model produces shared value in the communities where we operate through:

  • Respect for culture and customs in adherence to the legal order, morals and good customs
  • Contribution to autonomous development promotion
  • Establishment of mutually beneficial relationships and a permanent communication channel
  • Enduring relations, respect for human dignity and impartial collaboration unencumbered by extrinsic interests

Peñoles and local communities: 5 action axes

Social Management Model

Employing diverse surveys and data analysis methods, we evaluate the effectiveness of our development programs, adjusting our approach to ensure optimal deployment of improvement actions across our five lines of action. This approach is key to the creation of shared values among Peñoles, and local communities and authorities.

Social Management Model