Learn about some of the most common terms used at Peñoles and in the mining and metals industry.

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  • Alloy

    Combination of two or more elements, usually metallic, in a single unit that gains both properties. A metallic element can also be combined with a non-metallic one, however, the result of the mixture always keeps metallic characteristics.

  • Base Metals

    Common, inexpensive metals that tarnish, oxidize or corrode relatively easy when exposed to air or moisture. They are widely used in commercial and industrial applications.

  • Beneficiation plant

    Industrial facilities where minerals are processed to recover metals or specific chemical compounds, consisting of milling areas and flotation circuits, as well as thickening tanks, among other equipment.

  • Bullion or lead bullion

    Impure lead that results from the smelting process of lead concentrates with contents of other metals such as gold, silver and bismuth.

  • By-products

    Minerals of economic interest present in a certain product with other metallic contents, which are not the main object of exploitation because they are not present in large quantities. For example, the cadmium obtained in the zinc refining.

  • Capacity utilization

    Proportion of the actual production and the maximum achievable production during a period according to the design capacity of a production process. It is expressed as a percentage (%).

  • Clean energy

    Energy derived from generation sources and processes whose emissions or residues are minimal or, if existant, do not exceed the permitted level established by current regulations.