The Bismark mining district was discovered in 1880. Early operation of the mine known as “La Derrota“ was centered in el Oriente, an area in operation for years. In 1979, Minera Cuicuilco performed geological and geophysical explorations, including drillings, to discover the deposits currently under exploitation. In 1987, Peñoles assessed the area, confirming the existence of up to 12.8 million tons of exploitable ore. Subsequently, through a partnership Cyprus–Banamex–Peñoles we ratified the Bismark ore reserves. With start-up operations in 1992, the mining unit produced 600 thousand tons of ore in the first year.

Bismark was in operation for 27 years. Recent exploration efforts were unsuccessful, and operations were suspended in May 2020.

Key Information

  • Location: Ascensión, Chihuahua
  • Ownership: 100% Peñoles
  • In operation: 1992-2020
  • Facilities: Underground mine and beneficiation plant
  • Production: Primarily zinc. Three types of concentrates: zinc, lead and copper
  • Type of deposit: Underground massive bodies and veins
  • Installed capacity: 800 thousand tons/year of milled ore
  • Used capacity: 82%*
  • Reserves: .42 million tons of ore*
  • Mine life: 2 years*

* Figures to December 2020

Production in 2020

374 kton

Ore milled

+42.7% with respect to the previous year

118 koz


-59.3% with respect to the previous year

311 ton


-76.4% with respect to the previous year

15,409 ton


-37.7 with respect to the previous year

275 ton


-40.1% with respect to the previous year
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