Economic Performance

Economic Performance

Peñoles engages in ethical, transparent and sustainable business practices that serve as foundations for our long-term growth. These practices give us the opportunity to:

  • Reinforce our operating license

  • Reduce operational risks

  • Compete in terms of costs and profitability

  • Create sustainable value distributed among our stakeholders

We seek holistic ways to quantify the economic impact of our operations on Mexico's socio-economic development, and how the value we generate is redistributed. To this end, we have published our Fourth Financial Statement (Perera 2003) since 2005. This statement has been audited by an independent firm.
This methodology stipulates that the difference between revenues from the sale of products and the cost of inputs needed to produce them is the added social value, an economic benefit that ultimately is distributed among diverse stakeholders:

  • Employees

    Salaries and benefits

  • Contractors

    Fees and works

  • Government

    Taxes and duties

  • Shareholders


  • Community

    Contributions to the community and the environment

  • Reinvestment

    Replacement and sustaining capital

  • Interests

    Financial obligations

Economic Performance

To know more, download our Annual Report and Sustainable Development Report, visit our Annual Economic Benefit section, or historic information in our Data Center.