Learn about some of the most common terms used at Peñoles and in the mining and metals industry.

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  • Economic benefit

    Distribution and spread of the economic value generated for the benefit of third parties, through disbursement of items such as wages, salaries, local purchases and local taxes.

  • Electrolysis

    A chemical separation process in which an electric current circulates through a metal-rich solution to extract certain metals into a cathode.

  • Exploration

    Activities and techniques involved in the search for mineral deposits, such as prospecting, sampling, handling and drilling, among others, in order to identify and estimate the presence, quantity and quality of certain metals within a given area.

  • Explotation

    Mineral extraction, beneficiation and processing activities, as well as actions oriented to the proper preparation and development of a mine, which are conducted because of its potential economic value.

  • Extraction

    Selective process to obtain certain minerals and other materials from the earth's crust.