Learn about some of the most common terms used at Peñoles and in the mining and metals industry.

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  • Metals and mining industry

    The Metals and Mining industry consists of the location and extraction of mineral reserves, as well as its beneficiation and processing through metallurgical techniques such as smelting, refining and electrolysis, to produce concentrates and refine them into pure metals that satisfy the market's needs.

  • Milling

    Activity that consists of reducing the size of previously crushed rocks by pressure or impact, to obtain a suitably low granulometry for the flotation process and the separation of metallic elements of economic interest.

  • Mine life

    Indicator calculated on mineral reserves and the pace at which they are expected to be extracted. It is expressed in units of time, generally in years.

  • Mine recovery

    Ratio between available commercial metal content and the total volume of that metal found in processed ore. It is generally expressed as a percentage (%).

  • Mineral

    A naturally occurring chemical element or inorganic compound, which has a crystalline structure and characteristic chemical composition. It can be a single element or a combination of multiple ones.

  • Mineral deposit

    Natural concentration of useful minerals that can be extracted to obtain an economic benefit.

  • Mining concession

    Act by which the State grants a private party the right to explore, exploit and take advantage of the mineral resources present within a defined space and for a specified time, for which the concessionaire pays a consideration.